Top 10 brands of the best mechanical keyboard for gamers

Keyboards are as diverse as any other computer components and accessories. Unlike the membrane keyboard we use, the mechanical keyboard has its own switches at each key, making typing easier, faster and more accurate. These keyboards often emit a rather clear click when you press the key and satisfy a lot of users by its durability. Whether you’re looking for a keyboard that’s good for typing, gaming, or a combination of the two, here are some of the best mechanical keyboard brands to choose from.

Desc Keyboard

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REALFORCE – Top mechanical keyboard

Mention Realforce is to mention the Topre switch, but to mention the Topre switch, to know the Made in Japan immediately. That’s the story of the Realforce keyboard with the first one released in 2001. Owned by Topre Group, Realforce brings the latest and greatest that the Topre switch has to every product. . With a Japanese mechanical keyboard, if Filco is a durable tank, Realforce looks something modern and futuristic. Each keystroke on the Realforce keyboard uses elestrostatic capacitive (contactless) technology, so the feeling of pressing on this type of switch is difficult to find on conventional mechanical switches. Thanks to this unique mechanism, some Realforce keyboards can customize the key sensitivity of each key as more or less sensitive. Even with some switches with as high as 55g, You can also use APC to let the command receive key feel tactile before or after tactile on your fingertips. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Because of the unique mechanism on the Realforce keyboard switches , they are very difficult to damage or have some problems such as double click, jump keys, … In fact, many Realforce users over the years have not had any problems. Please rest assured that you will trust! Regarding the accessory ecosystem for Realforce, which uses the Topre switch, it is quite difficult to replace other keycap sets (except for Realforce R2 RGB version which is compatible with most keycap on the market). Another good point of Japanese keyboard manufacturers is compatible accessories. You can completely use the Filco palm rest or Filco dust cover for the Realforce keyboard and look very reasonable, also comfortable to use.

The price is something that anyone who likes Realforce can hardly ignore. The most advanced version is Realforce R2 RGB and R2 for Mac Silent APC. This can be called a pretty high price for a keyboard, but let’s go through the following points: Topre switch is always the latest, never double click, can adjust the sensitivity of the keys, the feeling of typing Smooth and quality Made in Japan. That’s more than enough for a mechanical keyboard fan to notice!

Realforce R2 Rgb Tkl Us R2Tla Us4G Bk


FILCO – Top mechanical keyboard

Established in 1992 in Japan, Filco is famous for its simple foreign products, but its bronze pot like Majestouch 2, Convertible 2, Minila Air, Stingray, … with full sizes such as Fullsize, Tenkeyless, Mini and also Tenkeypad numeric keypad cluster. Filco is also a company that is very willing to play when popular connections such as Bluetooth, USB cable are available for flexibility and convenience.

According to many users, Filco mechanical keyboards are very durable and have little damage during use. With a warranty period of up to 5 years, Filco clearly has its reason in stating: the Japanese mechanical keyboard is very durable! In terms of accessories, Filco has a lot of products that support you to type more comfortably such as armrests and keycap. In addition, there are also a number of accessories to help you keep your keyboard clean such as a toilet set, keypuller, brush, … to help your experience with the mechanical keyboard more comfortable and secure with Japanese origin.

Currently, the price is not too high for a quality product like Filco . Especially, this is almost a one-time purchase, taking a long time, so investing a premium price for a premium keyboard is not wasteful.

Filco Majestouch Ninja


CORSAIR – Top mechanical keyboard

Although this US gaming gear company is a latecomer in the mechanical keyboard game, it is empty with enough sizes and features for users to choose from. And Corsair proved it.

The most conspicuous Corsair product is the K95 series with the addition of an array of extra keys on the left for a variety of tasks from assigning shortcuts, assigning keystrokes to programming for use as a stream. deck just enough for personal needs. It can be said that LED is a Corsair tradition when their products always aim to be as colorful as possible. RGB backlighting is present on all products to give you the freedom to flaunt your super cool gameplay.

In terms of accessories, the majority of Corsair products target RGB LEDs, so the accessories are mostly lights and they sync with each other via Corsair iCUE software – Still for gamers.

Corsair K95 Rgb Platinum Xt

KEYCHRON – Top mechanical keyboard

A brand new mechanical keyboard rookie from China. With the low-cost segment, Keychron is aiming for the title of cheap mechanical keyboard for new mechanical keyboard novices.

The quality is perfect, the typing feeling is not really special compared to the predecessors from Japan, but Keychron is for new users because the price is cheap. Coming from China, which is famous for a series of similar products lacking personality, Keychron has gradually become known with its first product, the mechanical keyboard K1, K2, K4, K6 and the upcoming K8 with layouts. the turn is fullsize, compact tenkeyless, compact fullsize, mini and tenkeyless. Keychron

‘s most prominent featureis having Bluetooth in its cheap price range. However, the quality and durability we need time to value with the hard-to-replace built-in rechargeable battery as well as the stability of Bluetooth, whether or not you and I both need time to answer. In addition to the 12 month warranty is something you should consider carefully before dropping money. However, this is still a good choice for new players.

Keychron K6 68 Key


Das Keyboard – Top mechanical keyboard

Although there are not too many products in the gaming gear segment like some of the giants in the technology manufacturing industry, Das Keyboard has won a lot of the hearts of users, especially gamers. Its products are invested in quality and aimed at many different types of users. And not long ago, the company received many compliments with its new mechanical keyboard, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional.

The 4 Professional’s box design is quite simple and elegant with a white box with the keyboard image printed on the front, alternating between white as brown (if you choose the switch to brown) or blue. (if you choose the blue switch), the back is printed with information about the specifications, and on the back, you will feel a bit of the compact, slender product when you see the keyboard image taken. horizontal. Das Keyboard4 Professional owns a look that is not too sophisticated but still has its own features. The top of the keyboard case is a large piece of anodized aluminum metal, painted black, creating good grip and exuding a solid and cool look, creating a feeling of luxury, luxury when placed on the desk. The text on the keyboard with a new easier-to-read font is laser-etched in white, and Das Keyboard also pays great attention to the look of the keycaps when each external key is made of thermoplastic plastic is also coated with a layer of uv (ultraviolet). to avoid fading or fading over time, but if your hands are sweaty, the keyboard will still be a bit shiny, and of course it will not look very nice, although touching the keyboard for the first time, then It must be said that the cold feeling of the metal was very good.

Test the keyboard Das Keyboard with a number of familiar games such as: Fifa Online 3 skill phases with high difficulty levels (3 to 5 stars) such as Tossing the ball while dribbling, swinging the ball over the head, or Hocus Pocus and Fake Rabona is done precisely and smoothly, creating beautiful technical balls. Through the shooter Counter Strike, the dance techniques of DoubleDuck, Bunnyhops or Longjump, Highjump are done quite easily, so the writer can calculate each character’s move to quickly destroy the enemy.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional



Launched to the global gaming community in 2001, Steelseries brand continuously reaped great success not only in and outside of Gaming. Steelseries impresses domestic and international fans with a variety of models, high quality with reasonable prices, typically Siberia, Arctis Pro 3/5 headphones / 7, Rival 310 mouse, Sensei 310, … Following in the footsteps of those great successes, Steelseries has released a new generation of high-end mechanical gaming keyboard with many features and exclusive technology that promises a Technology products maximize the speed and potential of players, suitable for high-end gaming pc models to cheap gaming laptops.

With extremely precise, gentle, and smooth operation, the keyboard durability is much higher than that of conventional keyboards. Some SteelSeries lines are also TKL-compliant, allowing you to individually program each key and equipped with outstanding LED backlighting.

In addition, the SteelSeries keyboard also includes advanced features such as: TKL standard keyboard layout, full support for Anti-Ghosting. Mechanical keyboard uses the latest QX2 switch technology, pressing force 45 grams, programmable for each key, 16.8 million color software-controlled RGB LED, integrated 3 keys to display notification when there is a message on Discord, all current operating systems. Hope that these features Steelseries mechanical keyboard will not disappoint gamers, wait no longer without equipping your computer with this company’s product.

Steelseries Apex Pro Tkl



If you are a user of technology products such as computers, computer accessories, office equipment … Generally speaking, the Logitech brand name is no longer a strange name. Logitech brand under the Logitech International SA business was born in 1981. In the beginning, Logitech was merely a company making computer accessories. Then, when developing and continuously expanding, Logitech has become a quite famous technology corporation in the world market. Currently, this group is headquartered in Switzerland.

On the technology market, Logitechoccupies a sizable market share in peripheral devices. Up to now, the products of this brand have been present in many different countries with various designs. In addition to its headquarters in Switzerland, Logitech also has a lot of offices in major continents. Catching the trend of the market, Logitech grew bigger and bigger and began to penetrate into the realm of audio equipment or gaming products and some other devices. It is no coincidence that a brand is famous and can compete with hundreds of other technology brands in the world like Logitech. Simply because the products that this corporation produces can best meet the needs of consumers. The attractiveness of products from the Logitech brand name makes it a priority to be given to the product choice of this brand as a top priority.

Not only is the computer mouse a great feature of Logitech , the Logitech keyboard is also one of the standout products of this brand. In general, Logitech’s design, design and products are extremely diverse and difficult to beat by any opponent. Speaking of the premium, Logitech is also appreciated and no one dares to confirm which company can surpass Logitech. In addition to the keyboard, computer mouse, products such as speakers, webcam headsets, drawing pens, gaming steering wheel, game controller, remote control … All are Logitech’s successes.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard


One person who cut his foot when entering the mechanical keyboard market with his traditional gaming segment, was Razer. In 2013 – 2014 when the clone switch manufacturers according to the Cherry MX design were released, Razer quickly shook hands with Kailh to use their switches on their mechanical keyboards. Through a process, the Razer mechanical keyboards have been upgraded to the original Razer switch and then the Razer Opto-Mechanical uses light to receive commands instead of the traditional metal butterfly mechanism

Razer’s products aimed at gamers are largely with RGB LEDs, a pit design with multimedia keystrokes to help adjust the volume and music quickly. And of course on all Razer products, the only shortcoming is Bluetooth connectivity. According to many users, the Razer mechanical keyboard is well-designed, good-looking, but so bold – That’s because gamers like to put the keyboard in one place and make the gaming corner as cool as possible, 1 plus point for Razer! In terms of use, Razer feels good typing, if you choose the huntsman line with Opto-Mechanical switches, the typing feeling is also relatively quite compared to the common ground of today’s gaming mechanical keyboards.

With two main lines, Huntsman and BlackWidow, the Razer mechanical keyboards clearly define two segments with traditional mechanical keyboards, BlackWidow series and optical switches with more modern Huntsman mechanical keyboards. In addition, another special line is Tartarus Pro, dedicated to the left hand, to help those who love FPS games will love due to its compactness, peculiarities and ergonomics.

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard


To this day, everyone knows DareU is a brand of cheap gaming gear that is being consumed by all customers in the earth of Vietnam. Why is this brand the top choice comparing brands of gaming accessory makers like that? In the whole Vietnam market, more than 40% of the gamer brothers spread. Means owning no income or the conditions to secure yourself with expensive and fashionable gear.

Maybe DareU has studied the life of our country, and they have started to provide more specialized accessories for gamers, but low cost and build quality is also quite stable, forcing most of them to capture trust also the poor gamers like me here …. Currently, not only in the global world of Vietnam. The trademark of DareU maker has been imported in some major countries in the world also for the purpose and necessity of the gamer brothers with the condition not to spread. Those earths are like Southeast Asian countries, England, Russia, ….. And some other lives.

DareU keyboard owns keycap through led and many devices with low weight. For a sure feeling of experience. Switches are directly supported by the company and the trial range is not different from expensive products. RGB LEDs display relatively low colors, neither too dim nor too bright. Therefore, most of DareU’s products currently with in the Vietnamese world are trusted by all gamers or even the giant Cyber ​​Core because of the above reasons and some additional reasons. another reason. But in general, most of you pay attention to that is the relatively low selling price range accompanied by guaranteed quality in the long run.

Dareu Ek1280 Rgb


Fuhlen is a brand specializing in manufacturing low-cost desktop keyboards and mice owned by GTECH which was established in 1996 in China. Fuhlen’s mission is to provide customers with well-designed, high-quality but reasonably priced computer accessories. In addition, the company also uses advanced technologies to help reduce power consumption to protect the environment.

Always affirming quality is the top priority of the company. Fuhlen emphasizes not only the quality control of the manufacturing process, but also the quality that begins with the design of every detail. The company owns a professional R&D team and is capable of providing powerful technology solutions for the keyboard and mouse field. Today, more and more users find great enjoyment from their products.

Fuhlen sees the brand’s responsibility as protecting the environment from pollution and waste, and becomes a pioneer of green information technology. Fuhlen has been manufacturing advanced automatic keyboards since 2008, not only ensuring the quality level, but also reducing power consumption and labor costs by 80%. Fuhlen was one of the first brands to produce low-power wireless mice with a battery life of up to 3 years, which could greatly reduce battery pollution to the world. With this technology, Fuhlen makes wireless mice and wireless keyboards more user-friendly than traditional wired products, thereby reducing PVC cable pollution. Fuhlen products always aim to create the most convenient user experience.

In the world of gamers in general and eSport players in particular, the keyboard is always an important factor in determining the player’s speed and victory. Therefore, choosing the most famous brand of mechanical keyboard with full convergence of durability, reasonable bounce, and design in hand … is especially important. With the above requirements, the keyboard brands that we have just introduced will satisfy the requirements of the professional user.

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