Top 7 Best z390 motherboard for gaming

You have actually decided to construct your very own computer system. Currently you have an all new Intel CPU, memory and also storage space, an instance, and also a graphics cards. All you require is a location to connect them done in.

A motherboard is a crucial part of developing a COMPUTER. Although it isn’t as showy or as pricey as a GPU it is the core of every little thing. A chain can just be as solid as its weakest web link.

The Z390 chipset was developed by Intel to make sure motherboards obtain the very best out of their 8th- as well as 9th-generation CPUs.

Although it’s a fantastic chipset, it can be tough to pick the best board with numerous dimensions, brand names, costs, as well as elements. This is why we assembled this listing of best z390 motherboard for gaming!

If you don’t have time to read the complete “Top 7 best z390 motherboard for gaming”, check out our favorite products below!

Top 7 best z390 motherboard for gaming


Maker: GIGABYTE / Kind variable: ATX / Outlet: LGA 1151

VRM Phases: 12 +1 / DIMM Slot Machines: 4x DDR4

GIGABYTE AORUS Elite does not have the highest VRM of any Z390. It does not have the fastest network connection or the most features. It does, however, have the highest value per dollar of any Z390 motherboard by a mile.

When analyzing the worth of a best z390 motherboard for gaming, we consider its rate as well as overclocking abilities.

The Elite has the highest possible VRM for its rate, yet it additionally has the exact same 12 +1 stage VRM that the AORUS ULTRA.  This is a substantial advantage for any person that wants overclocking.

This Z390 motherboard is far and away the most affordable. It is also one of few that I trust enough to overclock a 9900K.

While you can spend twice as much to get a better VRM you will likely see more performance if you take the money you save by buying this board and put it into a higher-end graphics card.

This motherboard is our choice for best z390 motherboard for gaming!



  • Affordable

  • Stylish design

  • Fantastic VRM

  • Basic BIOS

  • Average PCB

  • Poor RGB control software


Supplier: GIGABYTE/ Type variable: ATX / Outlet: LGA 1151

VRM Phases: 12/ DIMM Slot Machines: 4x DDR4

GIGABYTE is a brand we hope you will like. You’ll be seeing many of their products in this list. Our second choice is the Z390 AORUS MASTER, which we consider to be the best z390 motherboard for gaming. It is a few tiers above the Elite and has all the features that make it the best Z390 gaming motherboard.

The upgrade to the 12 phase IR Digital VRM is one of the most significant improvements. Superior voltage regulator and cooling enable higher CPU and GPU overclocking while using less power.

This board has a better PCB than Elite which will allow for greater memory overclocking. This board also features two M.2 ports, each with its own thermal guards, and three PCIex16 slots.

The Elite is our top pick, but we believe the Z390AORUS MASTER is the best Z390 processor for the i9 9900K.



  • High Quality PCB

  • Feature-rich

  • Efficient VRM

  • Expensive

  • Some audio issues

  • Poor RGB control software

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    Maker: MSI/ Type element: E-ATX/ Outlet: LGA 1151

    VRM Phases: 16 +1 +1/ DIMM Slot Machines: 4x DDR4

    Now you have an Intel 9900K with the most powerful graphics card money can buy. You want a motherboard to push these components to the limit.

    Due to its 16+1+1 phase VRM, the MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 motherboard is one of the most powerful.

    You can expect Killer xTend network extender and Triple Turbo M.2, Xtreme Audio DAC, as well as other features, made for gamers who are hardcore gamers.

    The board has four PCIe slots and four M.2 slots as well as six SATA ports. It also features Killer Wi-Fi AC 15050 for lightning-fast Mbps and unbeatable connectivity. You can even monitor the status of your device with its OLED display!

    It is the best z390 motherboard for gaming available. It’s more that 99%. But, to be completely honest, when has a PC builder ever been known for their restraint?



    • Best VRM

    • Feature-rich

    • Miniature OLED display

    • Expensive

    • Some RGB issues

    • MSRP is hard to find

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      4. MSI Z390-A PRO

      Maker: MSI/ Type element: ATX/ Outlet: LGA 1151

      VRM Phases: 8 / DIMM ports: 4x DDR4

      You want to find the best z390 motherboard for gaming for a budget price? It would be difficult to find a lower-priced motherboard that performs as well as the MSI Z390-APRO.

      The 8-phase VRM is fairly decent and also includes some functions that are not really typical at this rate. The Turbo M. 2 port enables NVMe SSDs to get to 32Gb/s through PCIe gen3x4.

      The board additionally includes layered heatsinks that boost warmth dissipation in addition to some respectable sound cpus. The board is an easy black PCB.

      Although I don’t know whether I would stick an i9 here, there is a clear value proposition for a consumer searching for the best Z390 motherboard to support the i7 8700k.



      • M.2 port

      • Affordable

      • A decent VRM at a reasonable price

      • Cheap PCB

      • Vague instructions

      • Startup: Audible coil

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        5. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Xtreme

        Supplier: ASUS / Kind element: ATX / Outlet: LGA 1151

        VRM Phases: 16/ DIMM Slot Machines: 4x DDR4

        There’s still one motherboard that will overclock as fast as the best E-ATX motherboards if you want top-of the-line performance without the need for large towers.

        GIGABYTE Z390AORUS Xtreme, the only ATX motherboard that has a VRM, can compete with the MSI GODLIKE.

        It features a 16-phase VRM and a very robust heatsink, which are capable of supporting the most extreme overclocking loads. It supports three M.2 drives, and has a 10GbE Base-T LAN.

        This one is the best z390 motherboard for gaming out of a list with more than half GIGABYTE motherboards.

        If you are looking for the best ASUS Z390 motherboard then the ROG MaximusXI Apex might be worth considering. However, it only has two DIMM slots.



        • Amazing VRM

        • Form factor ATX

        • Amazing memory overclocking

        • Expensive

        • It is difficult to find

        6. GIGABYTE Z390 M Gaming

        Producer: GIGABYTE / Kind variable: Micro-ATX / Outlet: LGA 1151

        VRM Phases: 10 +2 / DIMM ports: 4x DDR4

        Are you short on space? You might need a Micro-ATX build. Although there are not many options for Micro-ATX Z390 motherboards at high end prices, the Z390 Gaming by GIGABYTE (this last one, we promise!) is up to the challenge.

        The M Gaming features a 10+2 phase digital VRM with PWM design. It features high-quality audio capacitors and six SATA III ports.

        Although it has a simple design, this best z390 motherboard for gaming is very affordable.



        • Affordable

        • Form factor Micro-ATX

        • Good audio capacitors

        • Cumbersome BIOS

        • Poor RGB control software

        • Overclocking memory is a low-quality practice

        7. ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX/ac

        Supplier: ASRock/ Kind aspect: ITX/ Outlet: LGA 1151

        VRM Phases: 5/ DIMM Slot Machines: 2x DDR4

        There aren’t many options in the ITX format factor for Z390s. The ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming ItX/ac is a solid choice for those who prefer the smallest form factor.

        The board’s 5 phase VRM is the smallest on the “Top 7 best z390 motherboard for gaming”. However, it is impressive considering the limited space ASRock had.

        This board features Gigabit LAN support and DIGI Power Design. It also offers full spike protection.

        As for durability? ASRock Super Alloy provides unbeatable protection thanks to the rugged, high-density gaming armor. Polychrome SYNC gives the matte black look a polished finish.



        • Affordable

        • Decent VRM

        • Intel Gigabit LAN

        • It is difficult to find

        • Limited RGB

        • DIMMs draw too much power

        Best Z390 Motherboard For Gaming-3
        Best Z390 Motherboard For Gaming

        Most Frequently Asked Questions

        What is the best Z390 Motherboard for gaming?

        Z390 motherboards can be used in conjunction with Intel’s 8th, 9th, and 9th generation Coffee Lake CPUs. These motherboards are made for high-end builds and offer features such as updated I/O connectivity, Wi-Fi built-in, and many more.

        This allows for robust performance and high-quality hardware compatibility.

        How do Z390 Motherboards work?

        The best z390 motherboard for gaming layout has a unique chipset (or circuit design) that works with Intel Coffee Lake processors.

        It controls the flow information between different computer components and integrates with Intel Coffee Lake processors. The Z390 motherboard layout and chipset were specifically designed with overclocking in view.

        You can run your CPU at its maximum speed with overclocking, which is often higher than the official speed grade. This allows you to run software at high settings and play your favorite games.

        When it comes to overclocking, the main component you need to be aware of is the voltage regulator module (VRM). The VRM regulates the power distribution and energy levels to your GPU and CPU. Good overclocking requires a good VRM.

        Benefits of best z390 motherboard for gaming!

        Let’s look at some of the top benefits that Z390 motherboards can offer:

        Cutting-edge performance. You can expect amazing speeds and maximum performance from the Z390 motherboards.

        Wi-Fi built-in CNVi Link is a technology that provides lightning-fast WiFi connectivity on Z390 motherboards.

        USB 3.1 Gen 2. Data transfer speeds increase, and you need technology that matches. Z390 motherboards have USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, which provides enhanced connectivity options.

        Optimum overclocking possibility. The Z collection is around overclocking. Z390 motherboards provide a few of one of the most effective capacities readily available on the customer market.

        But that’s not all. There are many other features that you can enjoy depending on which board you choose. These include onboard illumination, software options, powerful audio configurations and built-in software options. Which best z390 motherboard for gaming is the best?

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        Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the best z390 motherboard for gaming

        Compatibility with Sockets: It’s important to first consider compatibility. All of the boards in our list use standard LGA 1151 sockets that are compatible with 8th- and 9th-gen Intel processors from i5 through i9.

        Price: The top priority is to find the best z390 motherboard for gaming that fits your budget. It is not a good idea to buy a high-end motherboard, but then cut back on your CPU, GPU or power supply.

        Size: How big is your case? Motherboards are made to fit into specific cases. An ATX motherboard will not fit in a Micro ATX case, but an ATX motherboard will. It is not recommended as larger-form motherboards have more features. To get the best out of your space, it’s a good idea to have a board custom-made for you.

        VRM: This is the biggest one. The voltage regulator module (VRM) is what controls how much power goes to various components on your motherboard. If you are interested in overclocking your GPU or CPU, this is the most important thing to consider when choosing a motherboard.

        Features: Some motherboards include Wi-Fi built in, while others have M.2 ports and a faster LAN. Some motherboards can have more RAM, or better audio. High-speed connectivity is essential for GPUs, RAID cards and Wi-Fi cards. Compare the features of each board to find out what suits your needs.

        Network Connectivity: Not every ethernet port is created equal. While most Z390s can handle 1 gigabit per second, some users may require more. High-speed applications may require a 10 GBE Ethernet LAN.

        IO: Although this is not the most important thing, make sure that your new motherboard’s IO has sufficient connections (and the correct kind) to support all of your needs.

        Brand: Another thing to think about is branding. ASUS and MSI have native RGB-controlling software. To get the best out of the synchronized control, you might match your motherboard with a GPU from the same brand. All of the reputable manufacturers are ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI.

        Appearance: Choose the one you feel will best fit your system. Although aesthetics should always be considered first, they are still important.

        Best Z390 Motherboard For Gaming-2
        Best Z390 Motherboard For Gaming


        We hope that you have found the right model for your setup. We’d love to hear about your experiences with any of these motherboards. Keep up with Aradytech for more gaming rig roundups, rankings, and other information.

        Thank you for reading “Top 7 Best z390 motherboard for gaming”. Good luck!!

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