Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme – Best Asus gaming motherboard in 2021

Join us to find the best Asus Gaming motherboard – ROG MAXIMUS has been one of the most notorious Intel CPU series motherboards in recent years, with the new generation MAXIMUS XII integrated with Intel Z490 chipset that continues to impress gamers. MAXIMUS XII Extreme (Extreme Glacial), MAXIMUS XII FORMULA, MAXIMUS XII HERO Wifi and MAXIMUS XII APEX are all the names that will bring pride to gamers, but which is the most suitable line, this article will give you the answer.

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Which ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII motherboard is for you?

Basically every ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII motherboard is delicious, but at its best, you can consider the following table:

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII MAXIMUS EXTREME – for gamers and PC gamers who want the very best motherboard available today, comes with a Thunderbolt 3 card.
ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA – for gamers and PC gamers who want to match the water cooler with built-in EK water block for VRM
ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII APEX – for PC gamers who want Z490 motherboards with the best overclocking capabilities (EXTREME par and better than FORMULA).
ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO (WIFI) – For gamers who want a great motherboard at unbeatable prices
One point to note is that due to the focus on overclocking capabilities, except for HERO, the MAXIMUS XII motherboards do not have a video output port. Actually, when playing to this level, gamers probably have to use a separate RTX 2080 Super or Ti card, it’s not so important to take advantage of the iGPU.

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In short, but for details on why the ASUS ROG Z490 MAXIMUS XII motherboards are so delicious, please refer to below:

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII – High-end Z490 chipset motherboard

Through 12 versions, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS continues to assert its leading position in motherboards for Intel CPU platforms. Historically, it is very long, to sum up, gently, MAXIMUS motherboards are always equipped with the most advanced technologies to meet the most demanding requirements of gamers and computer enthusiasts. .

ASUS ROG Z490 MAXIMUS XII motherboards using LGA 1200 socket are compatible with 10 Gen Intel Core CPUs
This year’s ROG MAXIMUS XII generation continues this tradition, based on the latest Z490 chipset platform compatible with 10th-generation Intel Core processors. MAXIMUS XII is aimed at gamers and computer gamers who understand the game. It’s important for your motherboard to exploit its full potential. Therefore, they are willing to pay a lot of money to own a good motherboard, even pay more than the CPU.

For regular users, this is too much money to own a motherboard, but for advanced users, this is still a reasonable price. It can be said that any shoe can be worn on the foot, but beautiful shoes with a smooth feel are much more expensive than normal shoes.

For those of you interested in the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII lineup, P / P is the last factor to consider. Instead is a story about what the most advanced technology available today, and you will simply pay to own them. Or to put it simply that money doesn’t matter, the problem is what MAXIMUS XII can bring you down your money.

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Highlights of ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII – Best Asus gaming motherboard

Based on the Intel Z490 chipset platform, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII motherboards have all the basic features of course, so GearVN News will not say any more. It’s like comparing a Lexus to a Toyota and then saying that both have 4 wheels, not wrong but a bit redundant. These are the real money-selling points of ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII motherboards compared to the rest of the world:

The premium VRM power supply system supports all CPUs

The first selling point of ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII motherboards is the VRM system of the most powerful today with 16 Infineon TDA21490 (90A) chips, Microfine choke (45A) and Japanese 10K capacitors.

Going into the details is tricky, but to put it simply, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII can weigh all 10th Gen Core i CPUs with ease and allows you to overclock (with limited limits). is your skill and the quality of the CPU).

An equally important factor is the power supply system of the MAXIMUS XII motherboards using 16 real phases, extremely expensive but ensuring the best quality. On lower lines you will see the use of doubler, which converts 1 phase into 2 phases. For normal needs, doubler is fine, but using the real 16 phases will allow you to get the most out of your CPU during overclocking as well as ensure the highest possible stability.

In terms of setup, you can see that except for MAXIMUS XII HERO which uses 14 + 2 (14 phase for CPU, 2 phase for iGPU), all other models are 16 + 0. Literally all the power will be fed to the CPU, providing maximum stability and overclocking. However, with the same 16 + 0 setting, EXTREME, FORMULA and APEX also have their own optimizations for each specific need.

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FORMULA’s VRM is designed to take advantage of water cooling

Specifically, the most advanced EXTREME line combines 16 + 0 phase with VCC Mosfet 90A, taking power from 2 8-pin ports to bring the best overclocking capability that today’s technology has. Whereas the remaining 2 lines use VCC Mosfet 70A, but FORMULA provides power through 8 + 6 pin port while APEX is 8 + 8 pin similar to high-end series. In fact, APEX has always been considered the “secret weapon” of the Overclockers in recent years because of its excellent overclocking ability and reasonable cost.

AI technology optimizes overclocking, heat dissipation and networking

ASUS MAXIMUS XII targets 2 gamers and PC players who want to “top race”. Top racers, you know, tech savvy like the palm of your hand and can take full advantage of the motherboard’s power to overclock and achieve the performance you want. However, gamers are another story, also love high performance, but now it is possible to overclock or optimize the system basically (gamers with very deep knowledge) but a bit unsuccessful. That’s when ASUS AI technology comes in.

Basically, through the application of artificial intelligence, the ASUS MAXIMUS XII motherboard allows the system to be intelligently optimized according to the actual conditions. This optimization is most evident through AI Overclocking technology, which automatically overclockes the CPU to increase system performance.

Most high-end motherboards in the past have more or less auto-overclocking feature, but in fact they are just fixed profiles, so when applied to your CPU, even though it runs stably, it is usually not optimal. in terms of power as well as temperature. AI Overclocking technology will instead analyze the existing CPU potential and the system’s cooling capacity, thereby “detecting” the most effective overclocking level. This feature is of course not as competitive as the expert overclockers, but it helps your system run stably with optimal CPU performance.

This article hopes you have the best choice,