How to Optimize Your Laptop for Gaming: 6 Tips

Want improved laptop gaming performance? Here's how to improve laptop performance and ensure you can easily run the games you want. Optimize Your Laptop for Gaming

High-end games demand a top-level setup. Regardless of whether you are using a Windows PC or MacBook, a little tweaking to the settings is mostly required. 

Not only do you need an optimized device, but faster internet with a high-performing processor to experience uninterrupted gameplay. 

So, let’s start from the basics to make your device gaming-ready. 

Free Up Storage for Gaming

Anything new you start on your computer demands storage. Whether you log in to Steam or download your Favorite game from the App Store, having enough storage space is a prerequisite. 

For a faster gaming experience, ensure that at least 25 GB of the hard drive space is available. If you are wondering how to free up space on your computer, start by deleting large volume files that you no longer require. 

Find the folders that you do not view frequently and move them to the cloud. Purge apps that you do not use often or delete duplicate images and videos to claim ample storage. You will discover a lot of such items once you start finding them.

Speed Up Your Computer

Freeing up your hard drive will make a difference, but it is not just the only factor that contributes to excellent gaming. Optimizing processor and memory are just as important as they can be the possible reasons behind the noisy fans addressing overheating issues. 

On your Mac, go to the Activity Monitor by launching it from the Applications folder to check all the active processes that are consuming resources. Close all these tasks to let the computer release resources and utilize them for gaming. 

In MS Windows, Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to get to the window that enables you to open the Task Bar. Detect the unnecessary processes running in the background and quit them to make your computer good for gaming. 

Reduce RAM Consumption

Optimize Your Laptop

RAM is an essential component when you are using your computer for high-end gaming. If you are a pro-level gamer, buying a computer with higher memory or one with the possibility to expand later makes sense. 

Disabling memory-eating programs, as mentioned above, will help reduce RAM usage to a great extent. Adding more RAM to your computer is another way to improve its performance, but it involves a little investment that you might or might not consider. 

Some of the latest laptops are not upgradeable, so make sure to keep that in mind when you are planning to buy a new device. In addition, remove all the apps that you do not use to optimize RAM and make it gaming ready.

Install Solid-State Drive

Many computers come with a hard drive that uses mechanical disks to store and process data. Upgrading the storage media to an SSD (solid-state drive) will make your computer even faster when you are using it for resource-heavy tasks.

The faster data read and write operations give you massive performance benefits and prevent you from lagging devices during the gameplay. You get faster access to gaming functions even when a demanding process or two are running in the background. 

Make sure to check the compatibility aspects when you are upgrading a hard disk drive with a solid-state drive. Please note that SSDs are relatively more expensive than HDDs, but they make a noticeable difference to your device’s performance. 

Add Extra Monitor

Level up your gaming by adding an extra screen to your computer. If possible, try to add the same brand and model with the same screen resolution for a balanced experience. You need to check your laptop’s port to identify if it allows adding an external monitor. 

If not, use a docking station with multiple ports and connectivity options. When using multiple monitors with different features, make sure they allow for similar graphic syncing. If the screens feature different displays and resolutions, your gameplay may look weird. 

Also, check that your graphic card integrates sufficient connections to support each screen. If your computer integrated AMD or Nvidia graphics card, make sure it is powered with Eyefinity or Surround technologies that support 3D gaming on multiple monitors. 

Get Uninterrupted Internet

Optimize Your Laptop

A faster internet connection is a must for any high-end program, be it gaming or graphic designing or video streaming. Even if you are playing an average game on your computer, any sort of instability in the internet connection can ruin your gameplay. 

For the latest resource-heavy games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars: Squadrons, F1 2020, Hitman 3, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Metro Exodus, or similar, you need a super-fast internet connection with an endless data pack. 

A low-latency, high-speed broadband connection can prevent you from lags that seem annoying when you are at the peak of your game. Check the internet speed before starting your gameplay, or connect via an Ethernet cable for reliable connectivity.

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