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Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices 2021

Network-connected storage is more flexible, but that’s just one of the many benefits of buying a Network Attached Storage device. I have tested the top models to let you know which NAS device will work best for a home or…

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Top best video cards in March 2021

Currently, owning a powerful PC for gaming and working is no longer too difficult as in the previous years when components were more diverse, easier to popularize with consumers. So what is the hardware that you care most about on…

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Top 8 best gaming controllers today 2021

If you are passionate about video games, a gaming controller is an indispensable item. A gaming controller will help you have a new and engaging experience. Join us to find out the Top 8 best gaming controllers today in the…

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Top 10 brands of the best mechanical keyboard for gamers

Keyboards are as diverse as any other computer components and accessories. Unlike the membrane keyboard we use, the mechanical keyboard has its own switches at each key, making typing easier, faster and more accurate. These keyboards often emit a rather…

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6 basic networking equipment you need to know

For the network to work effectively, to help computers using different network lines to connect easily, you need to use basic networking equipment. Those network devices are Repeater, Hub, Switch, Router, Gateway, .. So how are these network devices working?…

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