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What motherboard slot has direct access to the north bridge?

Whereas within the means of assembling your PC, you may need so many inquiries to ask yourself. Certainly one of these questions could be, “what motherboard slot has direct access to the north bridge ?” Ideally, a motherboard comes with two chips that are the northbridge and the southbridge.  
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Why does apex legends keep crashing pc

So why does apex legends keep crashing pc? There are a few points that now we have observed on the newest updates to the sport, however for customers, the causes of Apex Legends crashing are many, and now we have seen that this may fluctuate from consumer to consumer.
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How Much Does a PC Cost? – Build Your Own

How much does a pc cost? Do you require a breakdown of how much it will cost to build a PC? In this guide, we cover the different expenses related to building your own PC to help give you a concept of how much you require to invest.
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