6 basic networking equipment you need to know

For the network to work effectively, to help computers using different network lines to connect easily, you need to use basic networking equipment. Those network devices are Repeater, Hub, Switch, Router, Gateway, .. So how are these network devices working? Our following articles will help you learn in the most detail about these network devices.

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What is Repeater? – Basic networking equipment

Repeater is a device capable of amplifying, transmitting signal far and stably. In the OSI model this device is in class 1. The principle of this device is that it helps the physical signals at the input to be amplified. That way, the wifi transmission line is strong and to the devices that are far away from the Wifi Modem.

Therefore, if you use a computer in a large space and want strong wifi internet access, you should choose Repeater. This device will help the internet access speed faster even in remote locations.

Repeater Wifi

What is Hub? – Basic networking equipment

A hub is a multi-port device and is like a multi-port repeater, capable of transmitting signals to many different devices. This means that if one port on the Hub is transmitting, the other ports will also receive the information immediately.

On the market today, there are two popular types of Hubs, Active Hub and Smart Hub, each with its own characteristics and features. Active Hub, for example, is capable of amplifying the signal, helping to stabilize the transmission rate. Smart Hub also has the same features as Active Hub but also has the ability to detect errors on the network automatically.

Hub Network

What is Bridge? – Basic networking equipment

Bridge is in the second layer of the OSI model. The function of this network device is to connect two Ethernet networks together to form a large network. That means Bridge will help copy the packet and transfer data to the computer to receive even when these two computers use two different networks.

Bridge Min

In short, even if you use many different networks, but only Bridge, the signals can be exchanged easily. Not only has the ability to connect two networks together, but Bridge can also handle multiple information streams from many different networks at the same time.

What is a Switch? – Basic networking equipment

Switch is more likely to connect depending on the number of ports available on the device. The main function of a Switch is to transfer data from source to destination and build Switch tables.


Other Names of Switch
Switch is also known as Network Switch. However, this device is still popularly known as a Switch. This device is known as a network switch.

But an important note about the switch
Switch equipment can connect to many different devices but must be through a network cable.

You can use Switch in both managed and unmanaged forms. However, in a managed form, you can manually install and improve the configuration of the Switch device. In contrast, unmanaged switches will not have this function.

What is Router?

In the OSI model , the Router is in the third layer. Also known as the router or router, this device is used to encapsulate and transfer data packets from an inter-network to the end devices.

Router Wifi

However, in terms of speed, the ability to connect to two networks of the Router is slower than that of Bridge. Because before transmitting, the Router will perform calculations to find the most accurate route for the packets. Especially, if these lines have different transmission rates, the Router has to work harder.

What is a Gateway device?

The main function of a Gateway network device is to connect computers together easily even when these devices do not use the same protocol. For example, Gateway can connect a computer using IP protocol with a computer using SNA, IPX, …


In addition, the device has the ability to differentiate protocols. Therefore, it is often used in transferring email from one network to another, including long distance.

Above are the most basic network equipment you need to know. Hope that with the above sharing will help you understand more about the principle of operation of these devices, aradytech.com