5 laptop accessories to increase convenience, efficiency in work and study

The following laptop accessories will help improve your daily work and study experience on your laptop.

After staying at home to avoid Covid-19 recently, laptops with many people have become indispensable devices for work from home.

When things are getting back to normal, if you want to use this personal device proactively at work and study in accordance with the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, the following recommended laptop accessories are: things you should refer to, retrofit your laptop.

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Multi-purpose charger – Laptop accessories

With many new-generation laptops today, they have USB-C ports. And if your laptop supports charging via USB-C (usually with the words USB-C Charging / Thunderbolt 3 in the specifications, you can check it on the manufacturer’s website or contact the support center). The multi-purpose charger is something you should consider.

Laptop Accessories
Laptop Accessories

The multi-function charger can power through the USB-C port with a capacity of 45W – 65W, suitable for Macbook, Macbook Pro 13 and Windows laptops using U series Intel processors.

There is an additional charging port you can use for other devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, wireless headphones, … That means your daily school / work luggage will be tidy, one charger is enough for all devices electronics.

Mouse can be used on any surface

Wireless mouse for laptops are very familiar to us, but the product has a sensor (also known as an eye reader) with high sensitivity, can move on many desks such as wood, stone, mica, glass, … is what we want to talk about. For those who regularly travel, “working everywhere” like me, buying a multi-function mouse like that is really necessary.

Wireless Mice

Currently, in the wireless mouse market, Logitech and Microsoft are two big companies that offer such great options. Darkfield sensors on Logitech or BlueTrack technology from Microsoft have been tested and appreciated by the community of users for many years.

I have been using the Logitech MX AnyWhere 2S for more than 2 years and have enjoyed its surface-defying hover feature.

Portable hard drive – Necessary laptop accessories

This storage device has never been so cheap, with just over 50$ you can buy a 1TB capacity product with USB 3.0 standard connection. Even with a 500GB SSD mobile hard drive for higher speed, it is only around 100$.

Portable Hard Drive

The current portable hard drive is quite cheap, if there is a high demand for storage combined with mobility, this is the right choice.

If your work requires a lot of storage, files weighing in GB or simply the hard drive in your laptop does not have much free space, then buying a portable hard drive is not a bad choice at all.

It gives you flexibility because data can be carried anywhere, no longer confined to a laptop. In addition, 3D design, photo-editing, video editing can be done right on the SSD mobile hard drive because of the fast data read and write speed.

Expand your online hosting account

Online storage has become too familiar now. For most students, office workers working with normal office files, this is a sufficient storage and sharing solution.

These include popular online storage services like Google Drive (15GB free including other Google services like Gmail, Photos), OneDrive (5GB free) and DropBox (2GB free).

Google Drive One Plan Pricing

Google Drive currently offers a variety of storage packages to suit each individual needs, at a relatively comfortable price

If one day you realize that your free storage is running low and you can’t delete your old data, then it’s time to spend money to expand storage space.

All three of the aforementioned big names have large storage packages, depending on the needs you choose to use. As with Google Drive, very familiar because in the World many users, high speed, stable and you can use it for many other services of the same company.

Microsoft’s OneDrive has the advantage of being deeply integrated in Windows 10, so it’s better for syncing. In particular, the company launched the Microsoft 365 Family package for only 9,99$ months / 6 people for 1TB of storage with the Office suite license, which is really attractive.

One Drive Pricing

If you and everyone around you work with Office a lot, OneDrive is a very attractive candidate for group / family prices.

With DropBox currently rated most comprehensively by its high compatibility with many platforms, from smartphones, PCs to NAS systems, TV Box, …

The price is similar to Google Drive, but of course, you only use for storage while Google also has other services such as Gmail, Google Photos, …

LED light when using the device at night

This fun item is quite effective for “night owls” who type, write, and real bragger. Ideally, if your laptop hasn’t a keyboard backlight. The cheap price, easy to operate via USB port on the laptop. Battery backup is worth the money for you to buy it.

Usb Laptop Light Laptop Keyboard Light Usb Keyboard Light

Only a few dollars for products like this, getting the best effect when the laptop does not have the keyboard backlight is also quite stable.

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