5 Basic equipment for home recording

You’ve seen singers record at professional recording studios, and why do they have such good music and Video Clips, the sound quality is so great. How much money does that studio have to invest and what equipment is required to complete a professional recording studio? Let us introduce you 5 Basic equipment for home recording

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It is a professional recording studio, but if you do not have much time and money and just want to set up the most basic studio and still help you satisfy your passion, we will recommend the following 5 equipment. So you can setup yourself a home studio and record with professional studio quality:

Computer and music-making software (DAW)
Audio Interface (we also call a sound card)
Studio Headphone
Studio Monitor speakers

Full Studio



Computers and music making software – Necessary home recording device

Home Studio

You can use a PC or laptop, just configure a relatively powerful computer like Intel Core i5, 4GB of RAM or higher, a large capacity hard drive to install software and save the projects.

Music-making software or DAW for short on the internet has much famous software, you can search google, the results are quite a lot.

Audio Interface (we also call a sound card)

Audio Interface

This is the communication system between incoming and outgoing audio ports with the computer. It helps you to receive the audio signal from the instrument to the computer and output the audio signal from the computer to the speaker.

Currently sound cards have 3 types:

BOX format: connected via a computer via USB

Type of PCI: connect via the PCI card in the computer

Firewire IEEE 139 form, this type is not currently used by many people, if you have time, learn more.

Depending on your purpose of use, how many inputs and outputs are the sound card for, if it’s a home studio, you can choose a sound card with 1 in / 2 out or 2 in / 2 out, because you only need to 1 input port for microphone and 1 input port for musical instruments (guitar …)

Microphone – Necessary home recording device


Microphone is a device that helps you to record external sounds into your computer such as: vocal, piano, guitar … Choose a microphone that suits your budget.

There are 3 types of microphone:

Micro dynamic: Using magnetic effects (magnets) to change electric waves, is a wide-pitched microphone, suitable for recording high-intensity instruments such as trumpets, drums … Their prices are usually cheaper than Condenser microphones.

  • Strengths: very good durability and easy to adapt to changes in temperature, does not need a power supply to operate, compact.
  • Weakness: Weak frequency response when the frequency is above 10 kHz.

Condenser microphones: operate according to the motion principle of vibrating membranes, also known as condenser microphones, their membranes act as a condenser array and when the diaphragm vibrates will make sound in the distance between the arrays.

Get high sensitivity and accurate capture

Suitable for recording soft signals such as vocals, acoustic guitar …

The condenser needs power to operate. This power supply is called the Phantom Power “or” + 48V “. Sound cards and mixers usually have +48 volts for this type of microphone.

Conventional studios still mainly use Condenser microphones

Micro Ribbon: If you have time, find out more.

Headphones monitoring (studio headphone)

Head Phone

Sound monitoring headphones are an indispensable device in the studio of every person whether in the home studio or professional recording studio. To hear the detailed sound of the mix accurately, do not use the super-smooth bass and treble flattering headphones. You should invest in a quality monitoring headset.

There are usually two main types of monitor headphones used in recording studios:

Closed-Back Headphone: Designed to isolate the most sound sources while recording. It must prevent any sound from escaping / entering.

Open-Back Headphone: designed for optimal sound quality, but with the weak point of being prone to leaking out audio. So it’s good to mix or mastering

If your budget is limited, you should buy Closed-Back Headphone to record good and mix music with guaranteed sound quality.

Loudspeaker (studio monitor) – Necessary home recording device

Loud Speaker

What is the monitor speaker and how it differs from the normal speakers is still the question of many people, we will help you better understand the monitor speaker

Monitor speaker is an indispensable device in every studio, especially the studio of sound engineers. If other types of speakers give you unique sounds, the monitor speakers give you the most accurate and realistic sound quality.

It can be said that the monitor speakers are like the “second ears” of the music producers and studio technicians because they provide the most realistic sound. So through the monitor speaker, users can know how their mixes are really like, thereby making the necessary adjustments.

If you have a pair of monitor speakers, everything in your mix will be a lot clearer. Because of the nature of the speaker monitor is the most accurate and realistic. What you have redundant, missing something or having problems will be shown clearly, so you will know what more you need to fix.

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